Allegro – Salame di Parma

These new small salamis are obtained with Culatello meat, the finest one. Ideal for happy hours with friends, there are 3 different types, each one with a particular characteristic that makes it unique: the Parmesan cheese kind with a rich taste, Olives with an inviting and unusual aroma, and then Red Chili pepper with a strong and appetizing taste. For happy hour time, with Taralli and a rock glass of wine they will decorate the beginning of a nice evening.

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Porchetta Ducale

The Porchetta Roasted is a product of ancient tradition obtained by the pork underbelly deboned and loin. It is flavoured with rosemary and different aromas and internally with garlic, sage, laurel, rosemary, fennel. It is cooked with steam, medium-temperature, and braised. Intense aroma and strong flavour of Porchetta Toscana make of it an exceptional product that could be eaten both cold and hot in any occasion. It is a best-seller.

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Prosciutto Cotto Italiano

This Italian cooked ham as its name suggests ”cotto italiano”, is obtained from Italian pork thighs, does not contain gluten, lactose, milk proteins and added polyphosphates.

It is a top quality product which follows the traditional meat processing applied by famous Italian delicatessen: a long time softening, low injection percentage, light churning, slow cooking in steam oven.

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Prosciutto Grilled Italian

The cooked ham “Brace” doesn’t contain gluten, milk proteins and added polyphosphates and caseinates. With its marked characteristics and smoked taste, it is obtained from the “cut for uncooked” pork thighs processing.

The thigh is salt and aromatised, roasted in a dry oven with a high temperature and only at the end braised on fire. This special process and the high quality of meat employed create an excellent product for very special gastronomies.

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Roasted Coppa

It is a traditional Italian cold cut made from heavy pork neck. It is cooked in a steam oven, and after slow browning the result is an excellent product: soft and fragrant meat. Great fragances, flavors and aromas. It is ideally eaten cold, in thin slices, pan – browning. You can find it in delicatessen counter. Perfect for luxury antipasti.

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Roasted Culatello

The meat is treated with traditional methods, using only the prestigious part of italian legs pork, in that way we obtain a roasted product that underlines meat’s fragrance and aroma flavours. Cooked slowly in a steam oven just to give a roseate colour and an unmistakable soft taste. This product is collocated in the élite of top gastronomy but at the same time it could be a great substitute of traditional uncooked ham.

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Strolghino Salami

We are the #1 producers in Italy. This salami is obtained with the Culatello trimmed of heavy italian pork, the same used for Prosciutto di Parma. It is sacked into a thin gut (4cm) that accelerates the seasoning.

The low-fat mixture, the delicate taste and the special sweetness whet your appetite. It should be eaten when soft with bread or crouton, as a starter with a glass of wine. It is better if you keep it refrigerated or in some other fresh places, avoiding places too much dry.

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Strolghino Salami with Slice Board

In this packaging, it contains a very useful cutting board for easy slicing.

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Salame di Parma

Salame di Parma is a product of old tradition, never out of fashion. It is original from the province of Parma, full of forests where herds of pigs were raised in an ancient past and where this special aged sausage has been produced for centuries.

Salame Felino is made according to the ancient art of salame, in fact to prepare it uses pure thigh pig meat, carefully selected. The meat is mixed with salt, spices and natural aromas. The salami should contain 25-30% fat and hard fat is preferred. After the meat is coarsely ground, salt, whole peppercorns, garlic and white wine are added. The salami is then stuffed by hand into a pork casing, which gives it its characteristic uneven width.

It is then aged slowly and the final product should be soft, with a sweet taste and delicate aroma. Traditionally, it should be cut at a 45° angle with a long and tight knife to highlight the grain of the ground meat and to avoid any crumbling of the meat should it be eaten raw.

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Prosciutto di Parma Boneless Pressed

Prosciutto di Parma is undoubtedly the seasoned product which most represents the heart of italian delicatessen. In fact it has always recorded high levels of development and quality, so to deserve the POD mark (Protected designation of origin) from the Italian Government that protects and safeguards the provenance and origin of a product, in such a way that its characteristics are essentially or exclusively traced back to a specific geographic zone of origin.

It is produced with thighs of pork from breeding and slaughterhouses strictly selected. The salting particularly fine and the slow seasoning process in natural cellars produce a delicious product that tickle the palate.

It is available in different size: entire bone-on, entire deboned “addobbo”(so ready for slicer) and deboned pressed (for whom needs a compact slice).

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Jamones Fermin Hams

The best Jamon Iberico (Ham) in the world at the best prices. Pure 100% Iberian Pigs of Spain. A gourmet delicacy that has also been proven to maintain health.


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