Tuna, White Ventresca del Norte (Spain)

White Tuna Belly meat. This product distinguishes itself for it’s juiciness and flavor qualities making it the most appreciated part of the long fin tuna. It is a very special product for which careful handcrafted work is carried out. It is arranged in fillets and covered in Olive Oil. Learn more including prices and ordering

Tuna, Mojama, Dried Fillet

Mojama is a Spanish delicacy consisting of filleted salt-cured tuna. The word mojama comes from the Arabic musama (dry), but its origins are Phoenician, specifically from Gdr (Gadir, Cádiz today), the first Phoenician settlement in the Western Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians had learned to dry tuna in sea salt to make it appropriate for trade.... Learn more including prices and ordering

Tuna Del Norte

White tuna or albacore (thunnus alalunga) is the most highly valued fish in Northern Spain. There are many small handcrafted boats arriving at ports every day to auction their fish in the centenary fish markets, where Agromar personnel acquires the best white tuna from each boat at the crack of dawn for its preparation the... Learn more including prices and ordering

Squid Ink

Squid ink adds body and fullness (and a black color) to your foods. Squid ink is actually made from cuttlefish, has been described as “mellow, velvety, warm-tasting” and is suitable for pasta and risotto. It’s color comes from melanin, a pigment, and it’s taste from high concentrations of glutamic acid. Read an excellent article... Learn more including prices and ordering

Fish Roe, Bottarga, Dried

International Specialty Foods, Ltd. carries a unmatched assortment of Bottarga products. Botargo, also called bottarga (Italian), butàriga (Sardinian), is a Mediterranean delicacy of cured fish roe origin. Our fine Bottarga is a product of Spain. Characteristics: Dried and preserved Sushi grade Yellow Fin Tuna Roe Available in 1/4 – 1/2 – 1 lb Kryovac wrapped... Learn more including prices and ordering

Anchovies del Norte (Spain)

CONSERVAS CODESA, produces all of its products using only the first quality raw materials, such as the “borate” or “boquerón” (Engraulis Eucrasicholus), from the brave Cantabrian Sea – different from other Seas and captured by “encirclement” which is a more selective, ecological and traditional modality of fishing. The salted process is made with 100% artisan... Learn more including prices and ordering