Oleum Excelsus

The careful presentation of Oleum Excelsus combined with its excellent extra virgin olive oil places it at the top end of the Premium sector. Oleum Excelsus Family Selection is presented in a transparent 500 ml glass bottle so that the consumer can enjoy the golden green colour of our olive oil in situ, and it comes in a box to protect it from light and heat so that it is better preserved.

OLEUM EXCELSUS Family Selection is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil that originates from Picual variety Centenary olive trees, which have been traditionally cultivated since 1867 by the Revuelta family.

Over the last decades, we’ve been selecting those olive trees from our olive groves that we believe produce the best quality fruit, and we eventually selected 1,240 century-old olive trees with 2 and 3 stems.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil captures the essence of the 19th century, an essence that our family successfully brings to our present day.

Oleum Excelsus reminds of green olives, its predominant note is tomato plant but also reminds the banana peel and green almond, and to a lesser extent to artichoke. The depth of the green of the aroma becomes an intense flavour to olive tree leaf. The sensations of bitter and spicy presented a medium intensity very similar, and in balance with the fruity.

EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) provides the body with essential nutrients that help lower cholesterol, the hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular diseases. It has an antioxidant effect on the cellular membrane, which coats the cells in our body. It’s, therefore, a culinary reference for the health.