Tuna, Mojama, Dried Fillet

Mojama is a Spanish delicacy consisting of filleted salt-cured tuna.

The word mojama comes from the Arabic musama (dry), but its origins are Phoenician, specifically from Gdr (Gadir, Cádiz today), the first Phoenician settlement in the Western Mediterranean Sea. The Phoenicians had learned to dry tuna in sea salt to make it appropriate for trade.

Mojama is made using the loins of the Yellow Fin tuna by curing them in salt for two days. The salt is then removed, the loins are washed and then laid out to dry in the sun and the breeze (according to the traditional method) for fifteen to twenty days.

It is usually served in extremely thin slices with extra olive oil and chopped sundried tomatoes or almonds with an optional squeeze of lemon. Garnish with parsley. In Madrid mojama is very popular mid afternoon tapa and is served with a short beer and olives.

Source: Wikipedia


  • Dried and preserved Sushi grade yellowfin Fin Tuna Filet
  • Available in 1/2 – 1 lb and over Kryovac wrapped pieces

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